Comprehensive Eye Exams

A complete exam will help us determine whether you will need a prescription to correct any vision changes. But vision quality is just one aspect of the exam. We conduct a variety of tests to determine if you have any vision/health problems, or if there are any future vision issues that may arise. Our office can also provide follow up testing to new prescriptions and eye surgeries make sure everything is going according to plan.

Eye See, Eye Learn Program

eye-see-learnThrough the Eye See Eye Learn program children going into or currently enrolled in kindergarten receive a comprehensive eye exam by a doctor of optometry and if needed, a complete pair of glasses.

Multi-Focal Lenses

Many people don’t know that contact lenses are available in multi-focal prescriptions. New lenses are being designed each year for people with vision problems. So whether you have trouble seeing long distances, up close reading, or both, come to Bower Eye Care and get your multi-focal lenses and improve your vision and quality of life today!

High Astigmatism Fitting

We can help assess the potential of wearing contacts utilizing today’s technology. If you have previously been told that you cannot wear contacts due to high astigmatism then come back and get reassessed. We will help you find lenses that fit right and feel comfortable.

Safety Glasses (PPE)

The Alberta Association of Optometrists (AAO) has developed an occupational vision care plan, designed to meet the increasing vision care needs. The program promotes workplace eye safety by providing prescription safety glasses, eye wear accessories and services provided by doctors of optometry.

Cataract, Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration & Diabetes Co-management*

These conditions can have an impact on your vision and eye health. Our doctors have the proper training and use the latest technology to help us determine the health status of your eyes. We also work with your current health specialist to keep up to date with any medical changes. Our office can refer patients to an ophthalmologist for further care and treatment if needed.

*Co-management refers to the fact that we will work with your with your current health specialist.

Latest in Contact Lens Technology

With a complete eye exam or current glasses prescription, our office can provide you with a contact lens fit, trials and follow ups to match the right pair of contacts to you and your lifestyle. Our doctors are kept up to date with the latest technology in contact lenses including things like, UV protection, Air Permeability and Contact lens materials.

CIBA Vision Dailies
Baush and Lomb Ultra
Airoptix colours
Acuvue Moist
Bausch and Lomb PureVision
Dailies Total One-Day Contact Lenses
Air Optix Breathable Contact Lenses
Bio True ONEday Lenses
Cooper Vision
Acuvue Oasys with Hydraclear Plus