About Us

About Us

Bower Eye Care is a family eye care provider committed to delivering the highest quality of care and the most advanced eye health solutions to Alberta families. Preventative eye care and cutting-edge diagnostic and treatment technologies are key to ensuring a lifetime of healthy eyes and clear vision.

We promise a patient-centred and collaborative approach for every client from their first eye exam through every eye health and vision challenge they may encounter. The journey to optimal eye health is not always an easy one but we will be your teachers, your guides, your advocates and your allies as you navigate your way to a lifetime of clear vision.

A History Of Healthy Vision

Bower Eye Care has been helping Albertans achieve their goals for eye health for over 40 years. This history means that we have helped generations see their way to healthy vision. We are committed to continuing this legacy with innovative clinical care, advanced eye care technologies, elevated service, and premium quality vision products.

The landscape of eye health care has changed over 40 years, but the foundation of our business remains the same. We promise:

  • Time: We understand that every patient needs the time to understand their diagnosis, explore their options for treatment, and progress at their own pace. We are not an assembly line, rushing to the next appointment. We personalize every patient interaction to fit their unique needs and goals for care. 
  • Service: The team at Bower Eye Care is focused on an exceptional level of service so that you leave each appointment feeling heard and taken care of.
  • Education: Information is your best resource when navigating vision challenges or eye health concerns. We focus on our own continued learning so that we can empower our patients with the data and insight they need to make informed decisions for care.

Comprehensive Eye Exams For Everyone

The Bower Eye Care team is committed to providing quality and compassionate eye health care to patients of all ages. The journey to optimal eye health and sight begins with a comprehensive eye exam. Take control of your vision and book your children’s, adult’s, or senior’s eye exam today.

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Two Locations For Your Vision Care

Bower Eye Care provides full-scope vision and eye care with two locations in Alberta.


The Calgary Bower Eye Care clinic is located at Suite 106, 971 64th Avenue NE inside the LensCrafters at Deerfoot City. We offer scheduled, same-day, and walk-in appointments as well as emergency and urgent eye care services.

Red Deer

The Red Deer Bower Eye Care clinic is located at Unit 109a, 4900 Bannister Drive inside the LensCrafters at Bower Place. We offer scheduled, same-day, and walk-in appointments as well as emergency and urgent eye care services.

Our partnership with LensCrafters means that Bower Eye Care patients have access to the highest levels of care and premium quality eyewear and accessories in one location.

See Clearly in Calgary

Bower Eye Care provides an elevated level of eye health care to Calgarians with the most advanced diagnostic and treatment technologies.

We promise an elevated eye care experience for you and your family so that you can take control of your eye health ensure a lifetime of clear vision with the support of our optometrists and eye care professionals.

Call us at: 1-403-719-9990 

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A Better Vision For Red Deer

Bower Eye Care has a clear vision of eye care for Red Deer.

Our expert team of optometrists and eye health professionals bring cutting edge diagnostics and treatment technologies to your city so you can see a future with optimal eye health and better vision for you and your family. Visit our Red Deer clinic and ensure healthy eyes for a lifetime.

Call us at: 1-403-309-2255

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A Clear Vision For The Future Of Eye Care

Built on a history of compassionate and informed patient care, Bower Eye Care integrates years of experience and training with the most advanced practices, protocols, and technologies to provide patients with an innovative, yet nurturing approach to eye health and vision care. We are skilled, knowledgeable, and accessible, with an eye to the past and a vision for the future of eye care in Alberta. Our team is focused on patient education and empowerment ensuring that you can make informed and confident decisions regarding your care.

Begin your journey to healthy eyes and clear vision with a Bower Eye Care comprehensive eye exam today.

Complete Eye Care For Your Family

From your child’s first eye exam through to the treatment and management of age-related disease, Bower Eye Care is your family’s ally in optimal eye health and clear vision for a lifetime. Our skilled and knowledgeable team offers complete eye care services with a patient-centered approach and a focus on education and empowerment.




971 64th Avenue NE
(Inside LensCrafters)
Suite 106, Calgary, AB. T2E 7P4
Book AppointmentDirectionsCall us: 1-403-719-9990
Red Deer

Red Deer

4900 Molly Bannister Dr
(Next to LensCrafters)
Suite 109A, Red Deer, AB. T4R 1N9
Book AppointmentDirectionsCall Us: 1-403-309-2255

Your Eye Health, Your Way

Your Eye Health, Your Way

Bower Eye Care is committed to a patient-centred and collaborative approach to long-term eye health, diagnosis, treatment, disease management, and vision correction. The first step on the journey to a lifetime of ocular well-being and clear vision begins with a comprehensive eye exam. Take control of your eyes and book your children’s, adults', or senior’s eye exam today.

Your Guide To Clear Vision

With a focus on compassionate care and patient education, we promise to give every Bower Eye Care patient the time they need to understand their diagnosis, their treatment strategy, and their prescription for clear vision. Choose the best guide for your journey to optimal eye health with the team at Bower Eye Care. 

Call us today at Calgary location: 1-403-719-9990 or Red Deer location: 1-403-309-2255

Reach out to us at our Calgary location by fax at 1-403-719-9992 or Red Deer location at 1-403-309-2241

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