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Convenient Walk-in Eye Exams and Contact Lenses

A complete exam will help us determine whether you will need a prescription to correct any vision changes. But vision quality is just one aspect of the exam. We conduct a variety of tests to determine if you have any vision/health problems, or if there are any future vision issues that may arise.

Our office can also provide follow-up testing with new prescriptions and post-op care for eye surgeries.

Comprehensive eye exams ensure that every aspect of your vision and eye health will be assessed thoroughly. At each visit, your vision will be evaluated to determine the proper prescription for glasses or contact lenses, and if needed, eye coordination and alignment, depth perception and colour vision, eye pressure and overall eye health

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Eye See, Eye Learn Program

Children going into – or currently enrolled in kindergarten – receive a comprehensive eye exam by a doctor of optometry and if needed, a complete pair of glasses.

In Alberta, 25% of children begin grade one with an undiagnosed vision or eye health problem, which can interfere with their ability to learn during their first critical years in school. The Eye See…Eye Learn® program was developed by the Alberta Association of Optometrists to help children reach their full potential.

Through Eye See…Eye Learn®, our Optometrists detect, diagnose and treat eye health problems in children as they enter the school system. Alberta Health Care already covers the cost of comprehensive eye exams for all children in the province. This program takes that one step further by providing free eyeglasses to kindergarten students who need a prescription.

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Contact Lens Prescriptions

Multifocal Contact Lenses

Multifocal Lenses are needed when two different prescriptions are required: one for distance, the other for reading and close-up vision. It is common to require different strengths for different tasks from the age of 45 and up. Just like multifocal glasses, multifocal contact lenses incorporate different strengths within different parts of the lens. Some have segments which resemble bifocal glasses, others have rings of alternating power. At Bower Eye Care our certified professionals can recommend the correct multifocal lenses for your unique needs and improve your vision and quality of life in the blink of an eye.

Many people don’t know that contact lenses are available in multifocal prescriptions. New lenses are being designed each year for people with vision problems. So whether you have trouble seeing long distances, up close reading, or both, come to Bower Eye Care and get your multifocal lenses and improve your vision and quality of life today!

High Astigmatism Contact Lens Fitting

We can help assess the potential of wearing contacts utilizing today’s technology. If you have previously been told that you cannot wear contacts due to high astigmatism then come back and get reassessed. We will help you find lenses that fit right and feel comfortable.

Having Astigmatism can make contact lens fittings and wearing challenging… but not impossible! At Bower Eye Care, we make it a priority to offer our hard-to-fit patients a variety of options utilizing the latest contact lens technology. Our Optometrists use advanced equipment to precisely measure your cornea to achieve the best contact lens fit possible.

Latest in Contact Lens Technology

Many different brands of contact lenses exist on the market today, and selecting the best one can be a challenge. We specialize in contact lens fitting and provide a complete range of lens services. Our certified professionals use the latest technology to ensure that your contact lenses are the most appropriate for your eyes, as each individual requires subtle changes in lens design to maximize their fit. So whether you’re looking for UV protection, Air Permeability, or anything in-between, Bower Eye Care has you covered!

Safety Glasses (PPE)

The Alberta Association of Optometrists (AAO) has developed an occupational vision care plan, designed to meet the increasing vision care needs. The program promotes workplace eye safety by providing prescription safety glasses, eye wear accessories and services provided by doctors of optometry.

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Urgent Care Coverage

What is considered medically necessary? A medically necessary visit to an optometrist includes:

Cataract, Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration & Diabetes Co-Management*

By using the latest cutting edge technology, eye professionals are diagnosing and managing diseases like Cataracts, Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration and Diabetes with more precision than ever. Earlier and more precise diagnosis equals earlier treatment with better outcomes. At Bower Eye Care we work with your current health specialists to keep up to date with any possible medical changes which may affect your vision or eye health. Our office can refer patients to a specialized Ophthalmologist if further care and treatment is needed.

*Co-Management refers to the fact that we will work with your current health care providers.

These conditions can have an impact on your vision and eye health. Our doctors have the proper training and use the latest technology to help us determine the health status of your eyes. We also work with your current health specialist to keep up to date with any medical changes. Our office can refer patients to an ophthalmologist for further care and treatment if needed.

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