Eyes on Technology

When you were a kid, your parents warned you that watching too much television would “rot your brain”. They said staring at that TV box would make you go blind! While that may have been a false threat to encourage you to get outside for some fresh air, the threat you may now have from your vision.

smartphone is a real one.



If you see a shadowy spot or shape pass in your field of vision, you may be seeing something that is commonly known as a floater, or a spot. Don’t panic – most floaters are small, harmless clumps of gel that occur when the vitreous inside your eye becomes more liquid. They usually appear when…


Men & Women

A Different World While it’s not exactly the battle of the sexes, the obvious distinction between men and women has been found to go far beyond their physical appearance. Sort of. (More on that later) One of these findings is a variance in their eyesight, and new studies that focus on vision suggest that men…